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ICSB 2007 Welcome to the Eighth International Conference on Systems Biology
Long Beach, California October 1-6, 2007
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A. RTK Systems Biology
B. Morphogenesis
C. Synthetic Biology
D. Mathematical Frontiers
E. Technological Froniters
F. Regulatory Systems
G. Systems Bioinformatics: Tools
H. Systems Bioinformatics: Analysis
I. Systems Biomedicine
J. Multiscale Networks
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A. RTK Systems Biology


A01. MAPK network properties determining cell fate decision in PC-12 cells
Silvia Santos (EMBL, Cell Biology and Biophysics, Heidelberg, Germany)

A02. Understanding IGF signaling dynamics through computational modeling
Lucia Wille (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cambridge, MA)

A03. Modeling of ErbB receptor regulated G1/S transition using combinatorial RNAi
Özgür Sahin (Division of Molecular Genome Analysis, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg)

A04. A Process Model of Rho GTP-binding Proteins
Ozan Kahramanogullari (Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK)

A05. An integrative reverse engineering algorithm to infer gene networks from multiple sources of data
Vincenzo Belcastro (Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Via P. Castellino, Naples, Italy)

A06. Identification of transcriptional targets from dynamic gene expression profiles: An integrated computational and experimental approach applied to the transcription factor p63
Mukesh Bansal (Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples, Italy.)

A07. Optimal Control Formulation of Constrained Least-Squares Estimation for Biochemical Pathway Estimation
Cranos Williams (North Carolina State University)

A08. A different model for signaling cascades
Alejandra C. Ventura (Deparment of Internal Medicine and Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Michigan)

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